Principal Leadership Styles and Teacher's Performance in Junior Secondary Schools in Education District 6 in Lagos State, Nigeria


  • 1Oshionebo E.E University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 2Owolabi Olawale Abiodun University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria


Leadership Styles,, Leadership,, Principal,, Performance,, Teacher


In every organization, leadership is one of the keys that determines the
progressiveness or the backwardness of that particular organization.A school
head also known as the principal is described the leader in the educational
organization who coordinates and influences the decision and activities of the
teachers in the educational system. The job specifications of teachers are very
essential in nation building and national development, thus teachers'
performance have a great influence in the attainment of educational goals. This
research workexamined the relationship betweenprincipal leadership styles
and teachers' job performance in some selected junior secondary schools of
Education district 6 in Lagos State. Descriptive survey research design was
adopted for this research work. The population for this research work includes
all the 2078 teachers in the 58 public junior secondary schools in education
district 6 in Lagos State. The sample population used for this study was 120
teachers randomly selected from 24 junior secondary schools in Lagos
educationdistrict 6. The instrument used for data collection was 16-item
Principal Leadership Style and Teachers' Performance (PLSATP). In order to
ensure the validity of the instrument used for this study, drafted copies of the
research instrument were given to two professionals in the field of educational
management. The instrument reliability was tested using a split-half pilot
testgiving a value of 0.80.The Pearson product moment correlation was used to
analyze the data to answer the research questions. The study revealed that
there is a significant relationship between autocratic leadership style,
involvement of teachers in decision making and teachers job performance.
Recommendations were made that principal should learn how to adopt
different style of leadership so that they can apply it at different occasion and
teachers in the school needs to be motivated in order to enhance their job

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