Socioeconomic Condition of Parents Impact into Learning Practices During Pandemic


  • 1Nirmal Chongbang Department of Social Work Tribhuwan University Nepal


Educational practices,, Informal learning,, pandemic management,, socioeconomic condition,, virtual learning.


The usual learning activities have been affected during the Covid019. Research
has explored the growing practices of the informal modes of teachinglearning.
The current virtual teaching-learning practices were unfriendly
among local pupils but due to the obligation of the Covid019 pandemic, it has
been practiced based on locally available resources. Lack of familiarity with
virtual learning, guidance, and weak socio-economic conditions of parents,
virtual learning is going to be complicated, especially in oppressed
communities in Gorkha. Research has tried to find out what was the major
learning practices during the pandemic.Explain the schooling, contribution of
teachers, and local initiations into the teaching-learning process & explore the
socioeconomic condition of parents. Primary information was collected from
observation of students, parents, and teachers' engagement, and the
narratives of the informants contribute to primary information collection. The
key informant interviews, open- ended question-answer, and focal groups
discussion-based qualitative method were applied to qualitative data
interpretation, and multiple regression was applied to quantitative data
interpretation. The parents' roles, the dependent and independent
socioeconomic roles were also interpreted during the informal learning
explanation of the study.The virtual classes were too hard to operationalize
with lower accessibility of smart gadgets and lower familiarity. Local teachers
and parents facing hard to accept smart gadgets- based instruction, teaching
methods, and virtual learning. Further virtual base instruction was being
complex during the pandemic. Need to scale up socio-economic conditions of
parents, adding subsidy or social protection provision in education can make a
difference in education practices during the pandemic.

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