Efficacy on Law of Intervention: A Critical Study


  • 1Neerav Khare Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi
  • 2Gaurab Saha Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi


Security Council,, substantive matters,, permanent members


The Security Council, better known as the policemen of the world, is
empowered with task of maintaining order, peace and harmony inter alia
amongst nations and is also equipped with sufficient resources to achieve the
same. However, state is also empowered to take action against the intervention
but only on the grounds mentioned in the United Nation's Charter i.e., on the
ground of self defense and if an armed attack occurred in another state
accompanied with the request by the affected state. Generally, it is only
Security Council which is expected to take required action through
intervention. It has been seen in the past that the policemen of the world used
this power of intervention only for the satisfaction of their vested interest. One
of the biggest irony of the composition of security council is that no developing
country is a part of this council. It should also not to be forgotten that the
decision on substantive issues cannot be taken by council on basis of majority
of votes rather there should be unanimity whenever any decision is taken by
them. In substantive issues, non permanent members has no stake at all.

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