Medical Brain Drain: Causes and Implications in Nigeria's Health Care System


  • *Adamu Muhammad, **Sani Aji *Department of Political Science ,Gombe State Univeristy, Gombe, Nigeria , **Department of Mathematics Gombe State University, Gombe Nigeria


Medical brain, causes, implication, Health Care System.


The global migration of doctors and nurses from developing nations to developed countries generates serious deficits in the underdeveloped countries, demonstrating one of the means through which global capitalism evacuates dynamics of surplus extraction from the periphery to global wealth centers. Medical brain drain has become a global growing burden because it deepens the already deprecated healthcare system in poor countries and widens the gap in health inequities worldwide. This study, therefore, tends to examine the causes and implications of the medical brain drain in Nigeria's health care system. The study relied on secondary sources and data were sourced from journals, magazines, articles, textbooks, and personal experience. Dependency theory also known as underdevelopment theory propounded by Raul Prebisch in the 1950s was used in analyzing the reason behind the migration of Nigerian medical professionals to developed countries. However, thematic and content analysis was used as a methodology that guides the research. The paper identified the major causes of medical brain drain in Nigeria to include "push factors" which are associated with the country of origin and "pull factors" which are attributed to the countries of destination. The paper also found that medical brain drain has affected Nigeria's health care system negatively in different ways including ineffective service delivery, economic backwardness, to just a few. Therefore, the research recommends amongst other things that, Nigeria should address the structural, political, and economic problems that lead to the brain drain and show foresight and commitment to improving the living conditions to succeed in effecting a brain gain.

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