Women in Politics : A Struggle from Voters to Representatives


  • Manpreet Kaur *Ph.D Aspirant, UGC NET JRF (Education), Sang Darbara Singh College of Education for Women Lopon Distt. Moga (Punjab)


Women education, leadership, voter, struggle, politics, India etc.


The main objective of the present paper is to focus on the issues related to women's active participation in politics and their long term struggle in Indian politics.. This paper underscores as to why and what are the reasons behind their less participation, the challenges in women participation and overcoming barriers. As the world is becoming a new normal, women participation has been increased in the present scenario. They came a long way from voters to representatives. Many aspects are thoroughly studied and remedial measures are also suggested in the later part of research paper. The present paper is based on qualitative research methods. A few published studies have been reviewed to conduct the research, the range of which included literature reviews from 2016-2021. Some fruitful suggestions are also pointed out so as to take immediate initiatives in creating an unbiased society with equality in gender. Where all the women can actively participate and become leaders in Indian politics. In order to bring focus on the issues of suppression or suppressing the opportunities among women, the action oriented and awareness programs about women education, women's role as representative must be introduced. The present paper is a systematic investigation to find solutions related to participation opportunities and gender equality. After all individual efforts leads to a bigger change.

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