The Educational Endeavours of ROKEYA BEGUM: Some insights for Women's Empowerment.


  • Dr.Deepa Idnani Department of Education, SPM College, University of Delhi. Delhi


women, education, struggle, economic


This paper discusses about an eminent women leader of 19th century- RokeyaSakhawatHossain aka Rokeya Begum who was a feminist Bengali activist, thinker, educationist and a prolific writer of colonial India. She was an advocate for women rights and had worked for women's education and economic upliftment. The paper tries to highlight her role in empowering women during the colonial era. She stood for the rights of women in an era when women were not allowed to read or write and could not even dream about their future. This paper further deliberates about the struggle that she went through to bring about the changes in the field of education. In the colonial times, when women were restricted to the four walls of their homes, she struggled to get them enrolled in formal education despite facing condemnation. From this point of view, the present paper discusses about her in detail from her background to her literary works to the achievements in the field of women's empowerment through education. She redefined humanitarian values when she decided to work for women's liberation through education. Thus, Rokeya Begum is revered worldwide for her contribution towards women education and reforms, her mark is only going to get stronger and deeper with time. Women of today owe her a lot. This paper holds a testimony to the fact that why it is necessary to know about a figure aptly known as 'Personnalite Extraordinaire'.

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