A Study of Metacognition Awareness among Pre-service Teachers


  • Dr. Sakshi M.M. College of Education, Mullana-Ambala


Metacognition Awareness, Pre-Service Teachers


Metacognition refers to the awareness about one's own cognitive processes, the regulation of one's own skills, and monitoring of one's own thoughts. It is very essential for successful learning as it enables individuals to manage their cognitive skills in a better way and to determine weaknesses that can be corrected by constructing new cognitive skills. Promoting metacognition begins with building awareness among learners that metacognition exists and it is different from cognition. It promotes critical thinking, problem solving and increases the academic success of the learners. The present study investigated the metacognition awareness among pre-service teachers. The study was conducted on a sample of 120 pre-service teachers selected randomly from different Colleges of Education of Ambala district. The findings of the present study indicated that majority of the pre-service teachers (76.41%) are metacognitively aware. The study also revealed that there was a significant difference in the metacognition awareness of preservice teachers with regard to gender, stream and level of education.

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