Role of Education in Women Empowerment


  • Dr. Amit Sharma S. S. (PG) College, Shahjahanpur. Ex-OSD and Director, Institute of Distance Education, CCS University, Meerut, U.P. ** Ex-Head, B.Ed., Deptt., Khandelwal College Bareilly U.P.


empowerment, exploitation, upliftment, education, gender empowerment measure


Women-empowerment is a vital need of present time. Women-empowerment is remedy for various socio-economical problems, homely violence, illiteracy, and exploitation. Women-empowerment is a device of women-upliftment, women-happiness, national development, prosperity, peace and progress. This piece of writing is an effort to scan, arrange and present various factors affecting women-empowerment, various problems of girls' education, and education, remedies or suggestions to ameliorate girls' education and girls' education as an effective gadget for women-empowerment.

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