The Role of Technology and Innovation in Tackling Insecurity and Accelerating Development in Nigeria


  • Adamu Muhammad Department of Political Science, Gombe State University, Gombe, Nigeria


Insecurity, Technology, Innovation, development


The perpetual rise in Insecurity and breakdown in the socio-economic development in Nigeria call for serious concern among researchers, policymakers, and the general public over decades. The wanton distractions of lives and properties posed by Boko Haram insurgency, banditry and kidnapping, pipeline vandalization, headsmen, and farmers clashes, as well as various crises in different parts of Nigeria, are spinning out of control which can lead to anarchy if not addressed and arrested. This paper, therefore, examines the role of technology and innovation in tackling insecurity and accelerating development in Nigeria. The study relied on secondary sources and data were sourced from journals, magazines, articles, textbooks, and personal experience. The Neo-Malthusian theory developed by Samuel Van Houten (1877) was used to analyze the reason behind ceaseless rises in insecurity and economic deterioration in Nigeria. As Nigeria is bedeviled with the challenges of insecurity, the paper found that Technology and Innovation would help Nigeria to counter and reduce its insecurity drastically, diversify its economy to mention just a few. However, the research identified some challenges that are militating against the innovation and technological advancement in Nigeria which include brain drain (migration of skilled personnel to developed countries), shortage of skills in science, research, and innovation, among others. To assure security and economic development in Nigeria therefore, the study recommends different regulations of combatting insecurity including human development-centered growth perspective and equitable allocation of resources, empower youths with the necessary skills, and paying more attention to innovations, technology, and implementation of existing research outcomes among others.

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