Covid-19 Pandemic and Role of Media


  • Dr.Reetika Bansal Army Institute of Law, Mohali Punjab **Department of Law, Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) Mullana-Ambala


Covid - 19 Pandemic and Role of Media


Covid-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented time where we are experiencing new norms. From lockdowns to restricted movements; work from home, no socialization, instructions to 'stay home', life has become online. In the current times media has a very important role to play. Media has also changed its modes and a new medium in the form of social media has come up which now appears as the most effective tool that keeps you connected. In a blink of eye entire world is aware of the latest on Covid-19, dos' and don'ts and also about the unpleasant happening making inroads into human society. The print media

i.e. primarily newspapers, electronic media which includes television, cable TV, radio and recently the internet has hijacked the information system. In the last one year the impact and the effect of media in our lives have increased manifold. But, we could experience fake, misleading, biased and paid news, spreading rumours about the virus and its management as well. Sensationalizing of such news hampers the very purpose for creating awareness. The authors through the said paper critically examine the role of all forms of media in the times of Covid-19 global pandemic.

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