St. Stephen's College: 1926-1945


  • Priyanka Mathew ZHCES JNU, Delhi, India


eclectic, Political, activity, moderate nationalism


This article had talked about the era of Principal S.N. Mukarji. It has discussed briefly his short biography and his main contributions to the field of education. In addition, the article has presented the key arguments associated with his period. Apart from that the article has elucidated how Mukarji offered loyalty to the British Raj in St. Stephen's College, Delhi. So, the College's Nationalism during the Mukarji era was not fuelled by the Principal-in-charge, but by factors operating outside the College like the Delhi University's political activity, and even through, former teachers of the College like C. F. Andrews. The College was an eclectic blend of Colonialism and Nationalism. There was a strong wave of moderate nationalism. During Mukarji's era, the students continued to display some level of nationalism, despite, Mukarji's support of the Raj

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