Advertisement and Women: Deconstructing the Popular Narrative


  • Ms. Dilshad Kaur Guru Nanak Girls College, Santpura, Yamunanagar, Haryana


Consumer, market, advertisement, brand


The contemporary globalized world of free market has ushered in great changes in our society. Consumer today has myriad options before him/her to choose from. Market today is inundated with products of wide range and reputation. The brand conscious consumer, however, is confused about the choice which the maddening range of options place before him/her. In such a scenario, the profit yearning capitalists have come up with the very comfortable and easily manageable idea of playing upon the fancies of the prospective buyer. Aspirations are being fabricated, desires are being aroused and dreams are being sold to the consumers in the form of ubiquitous advertisements. And the gullible consumer is swallowing up everything without pausing for even a moment to analyze and understand the insidious harm that the prospering advertising industry is doing to the fabric of the society in general and to the image of women in particular. The present paper seeks to analyze and deconstruct the various advertisements which are laden with a highly sexualized jargon of glamour industry. The attempt is to ignite a constructive debate upon the issue of encroachment of these fabricated and mostly perverted desires- generated, maintained, and preserved by advertisements- upon the minds of so called smart consumers of our century.

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