Linguistic Devices in the Narratives of Poireiton Khunthok


  • Rosy Yumnam Department of English Language Education The English and Foreign Languages University Shillong Campus Meghalaya


Figures of speech,, Linguistic devices,, Myth,, Narrative,, Poireiton Khunthok


Linguistic devices are phrases or words which convey a meaning different from
the literal one. Linguistic devices make writing more meaningful, powerful and
effective. The narrative, myth can be described as a story which concerns the
historical events like legends, folktales, allegory, fables, supernatural and
parables. Poireiton Khunthok is a mythology of the Meiteis (the Meiteis are an
indigenous ethnic group of Manipur, a state in north-east India) which
describes the long journey of Poireiton's migration and settlement from the
netherworld Burmese side to Manipur. The paper seeks to analyse the various
linguistic devices used in the narratives of Poireiton Khunthok under different
categories like the figures of speech, viz. simile, hyperbole, personification and
pathetic fallacy. The analysis of this myth narrative in terms of its linguistic
devices is pertinent as it augments in comprehending the meaning it conveys
to the readers. The study, therefore, has assisted in enhancing the meaning of
the text by an analysis of the use of its linguistic devices which further helped
in understanding the mythology, culture, history and traditions of the Meitei
community of Manipur.

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