How to Keep the Interest in Chemistry Education to Students at the Time of COVID-19 and Prospects after the Pandemic Period


  • Manjola Bani Research Scholar, Chemistry MSc, Albania


Chemistry Education, Distance Teaching and Learning (online), VirtualLab, Simulation,, COVID-19.


In the challenge of the global explosion of COVID-19, the education system is a
highly affected sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed many
aspects of education, including the way chemistry is taught, shifting to an
online educational activity. It was initially thought that the pandemic would
last a while but unfortunately this pandemic still persists. In coherence with
this fact and given that chemistry has become one of the most important
disciplines in the school curriculum, it is very important in education, then the
question arises: How to effectively combine the characteristics of teaching
chemistry with experience of distance learning? In addition to being
highlighted as a difficult subject to learn by pupils and students (because we
need to be able to provide mathematical instruction, practical techniques, 3D
visualization), it is now becoming common to reduce the number of students
choosing to study chemistry. What prevents students from studying chemistry?
As students lose interest in studying chemistry, it is essential to find and
practice different methods and techniques to improve pedagogical approaches
and increase interest in a more fun way. Effective learning is the basis for
successful learning. The purpose of this study is to suggest strategies that can
facilitate the conceptual understanding of students, to increase the level of
teacher-student cooperation, to improve learning as well as to increase
interest in the chemistry field. Also presented are simulations, animations,
virtual programs (VirtualLab) which help in the way of learning and
understanding more, theoretical and practical chemistry, thus influencing the
performance of students in this subject and the importance of chemistry in

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