Role Conflict of Secondary School Teachers of Sikkim


  • Dr. Savita Mishra Harkamaya College of Education Gangtok, Sikkim


Role Conflict, Secondary School Teachers


A role is a different set of responsibilities and exceptions of behavior based on situations encountered. Teachers fulfill numerous roles in their lives and are faced with many conflicting demands. These conflicts are a certainty in many aspects of life whether it involves work, family, religion or personal benefits. Teaching is one potential cause of many role conflicts in a person's life. It can include multiple expectations or responsibilities for a role that may create stress or conflicts. The objectives of the present study were to study the role conflict of secondary school teachers in relation to gender, teaching experience and educational qualification. The study adopted a normative survey method of investigation. The sample of the study was 100 teachers drawn from six different secondary schools of Sikkim. Teacher's Role Conflict Scale developed by Prasad and Bhushan (1991) was used. This tool contains 22 items. Findings of the study depicted that gender and teaching experience variation did not play significant role but educational qualification variation played significant role on role conflict of secondary school teachers.

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