Voicing Anger and Frustration: A Critique of the Selected Fiction of Angry Young Men


  • Ramandeep Mahal Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) Mullana (Ambala
  • Ms. Tanu Bura Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) Mullana (Ambala


scrutiny, works, depict, white collar


The fundamental goal of this scrutiny is focussed on the introduction books of
Angry Young Men. These authors have enough encounters of changing world
and changing estimations of contemporary Britain. These scholars not just
communicated the lip services of high society ethos and ways of life, yet in
addition depicted, through their average workers or lower white collar class
heroes, profound hopelessness or sadness of those never favoured by
existence and customary social force. This investigation and scrutiny will
concentrate on the issues of irateness from the Marxist perspective in the post
war British fiction remembering John Wain's Hurry on Down (1953);Alan
Sillitoe's Saturday Night And Sunday Morning(1958); Kingsley Amis' Lucky
Jim(1954);John Braine's Room At The Top(1957); David Story's This Sporting
Life(1960).The works taken up for this study depict the hard endeavour of
common labourers individuals, by and large constantly males, to escape from
the negative highlights of their group – neediness, limitation, absence of
status, detachment of ladies and drink – and to accomplish and win the
material proprietorship that are related with the white collar class. They create
to be fixated on the thing of their advantage and respect. A large number of
them make progress in accomplishing their aspirations; nonetheless, the value
they need to pay is extensive. For more than once or again and again these
works depict that the white collar class rewards got accomplished at context of
regular workers standards.

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