Blended learning and Social Science: Designing Modules and Local Challenges


  • Deepa Idnani,
  • S. Aggarwal University of Delhi, India


blended learning,, blended learning modules,, technology, social science,, curriculum


Blended learning is a mode of teaching-learning that seeks to combine
traditional style education with new technologies so that education becomes
more productive for teachers and students. This type of innovative learning
technique seeks to give more power to the students in shaping their learning
process, rather than a teacher being the sole decision-maker. With the everincreasing
presence of technology in our lives, its use in education has become
inevitable. At the same time, blended learning also recognizes the fact that
traditional classroom teaching should not be wholly obliterated in favor of
technology-mediated teaching, as the former provides some valuable
experiences to the students that are detrimental to the learning process. Here
we have also tried to formulate two blended learning modules to demonstrate
how blended learning could be used to teach social sciences.

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