Ayurvedic Treatment of Alcohol Consumption with Relevance to the Ancient and Modern perspectives


  • Silkey Chaudhary Jaipur National University, Rajasthan.
  • Deepa Sehrawat Jaipur National University, Rajasthan.


Alcohol Consumption;, Vedic treatment;, Modern Therapies


Today, alcoholism is becoming a serious issue. The onset age of taking the first
alcohol sip is gradually decreasing. Almost 85% of youth aged 15-18yrs
constitute the major chunk of the alcoholics. According to researchers, they
consume for the first time either to quench their curiosity, for peer approval or
to show off and boast superiority; it is further supported with evidences of
alcohol consumption from their respective cultures. In Indian Culture, the first
description of alcoholism can be traced in Vedas as 'Sura'. Most often people
confuse "Soma" to be 'Sura' (i.e. a form of alcohol) whereas Soma means
"nectar" which is considered as a health booster while consumption of 'Sura'
was forbidden and disregarded. This paper compares and contrasts the
modern and Vedic beliefs, practices, effects and various treatments associated
with alcoholism. Consuming alcohol results in physical, psychological and
social outbreaks. To cure alcoholism, there exist many pathological drugs with
their respective relapses as a different drug is prescribed to overcome the effect
of other. But today, people are looking back to Vedic methods again as Western
treatment focuses more on symptoms instead of causes. Patient is treated as a
problem rather than an individual. We need a treatment that focuses physical,
mental and spiritual health instead of symptoms i.e. Ayurvedic Treatment. This
paper focuses on healthy style of life, based on the principles of Yoga,
meditation, and spirituality. It addresses the problem of alcoholism which can
be traced back to the Vedic techniques of leading healthy life. The paper also
deliberates an ideal solution to curb this evil by analyzing various researches
carried in the past.

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