Hacking In India: Legislative And Judicial Response


  • Ritu Joon Kurukshetra University Kusrukshetra
  • Sushila Chauhan Kurukshetra University Kusrukshetra


Hacking, Cyber Crime, Internet, India, USA, UK,China, Canada, Australia


"The next generation of terrorists will grow up in a digital world, with ever more powerful and
easy-to-use hacking tools at their disposal"
The latest development of Information Technology has emerged as one of the most prominent
technology which has revolutionary effect on human's life all over the world. Computers itself do
not commit crimes. The rise of technology and online communication has not only produced a
dramatic increase in the incidence of criminal activities, but has also resulted in the emergence of
what appears to be a new variety of criminal activities which creates a challenge for law
enforcement agencies in the new millennium. Hacking is one of the recent growing cyber crimes of
national concern as well as global concern. In the present paper efforts has been made to through
light on the legislative and judicial response relating to hacking in India

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