Effect of Using Social Networking Websites on Indian Youth: A Social Problem


  • Manmohan Gupta Mewar university, Rajasthan
  • Ravneet Kaur Shri Guru Harkishan College of Education, Jagadhri, Yamuna Nagar


Social networking sites, communication


Social networking sites have brought both good and bad to the present generation. Social
networking site has helped many students to acquire knowledge from one another over internet
without necessarily to meet physically. On the other hand, social networking sites have caused
many problems. For instance many students have lost their interest in their studies as they spent
most of the time on these sites. What started out as a hobby for some computer literate people has
become a social norm and way of life for people from all over the world (Boyd, 2007). The youth use
social networking sites as a means of interaction, socializing, and for purely entertainment
purposes. Although many people do not think of it, social networking sites harbor many unsafe
elements and many people are concerned about some major problems that they contain, which
includes education and poor academic performance

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