Public Opinion about the Movies of Diljeet Dosanjh


  • Sewa Singh Bajwa CDLU, Sirsa


Protagonists, Bollywood, Visage, Pop Singers, Impeccable, Synonym


From 'Shiela' to 'Bambookat' Punjabi Cenema has witnessed hundreds of actors and scores of
Protagonists. Some of them have made their debut in Punjabi cinema and went on to make a niche
for themselves in the Bollywood. The entry of Manmohan Singh in Punjabi Cinema with 'JeeAaya
Nu' changed the visage of Punjabi Cinema in 2003. Punjabi films witness a remarkable thematic
change along with cinematic excellence. Another trend that blossomed has been the entry of
Punjabi Pop Singers as heroes in Punjabi cinema. HarbhajanMaan, BabbuMaan, Amrinder Gill,
GippyGrewal, Jassi Gill, Roshan Prince, DiljeetDosanjh, Jo Jo Honey Singh and AmmyVirk are some
of the noted Pop Singers who have won the hearts of cinegoers. Though singers of the stature of
GurdasMaan, SurinderShinda, Malkeet and Hans Raj Hans etc. have tried their luck in the past but
the saga of Diljeet has been impeccable and unmatchable. He has given a new dimension to
Punjabi movies. He has done romantic, comedy and serious role with equal success. Now-a-days
Punjabi cinema has become synonym with DijeetDosanjh. Hence a need is felt to gauge the Public
opinion about the unprecedented success of DiljeetDosanjh. The respondents are the media
students of Ch. Devi Lal University Sirsa. Only those respondents are selected who have watched at
least five movies of Diljeet. The study lays bare the opinion of youth about their youthful hero

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