The Indian Woman: Suffering in Silence


  • Dr. Yashu Rai Tayal Dayanand P. G. College, Hisar


Violence, Women, Patriarchal, Law


Woman, that strange creature,
Strives-to be, uniquely to be.
To be. What to be? How uniquely she
Understands her plight, victim that she is,
Of the great swindle.
Did you say it wasn't cut off? Oh, but it was;
You remind me of it every day. Caught. In a cage.
Alarmed. To make of everyday a happy day, of every
Minute happiness. We gossip in the park. Castrated.
We watch the children play. Castrate them.
This is mine to pass on to you.
A common contemporary issue facing every country is the question of women suffering. Whether
in Western or Indian literary tradition, the women are seen as launching themselves into the quest
for their identity. The overwhelming evidence considered in the historical perspective shows that
women's status and rights were assigned within a patriarchal set up. Woman is thus the direct
product of the basic assumptions of male-generated-oriented and dominated social values and has
remained so far centuries. She is moulded, reshaped and reoriented by man and for the man.

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