Knock-On Effects of Stress And Coping Strategies Related To Employees At Workplace


  • Geetha Sai Kumari. B Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur - 522510


Stress, coping strategies, uncomfortable feeling


Stress is inevitable in life of every individual. Stress can be stated "as a mixture of uncomfortable
feelings". People working in an Organization feel stress because of lot to do but little time to do it.
Stress can affect both body and feelings. Employees should learn to say "No" to unimportant
requests that indirectly leads to stress.. Due to work stress on employees, they find difficulties in
managing or coping with both work and family issues. The result of poor stress management may
lead to depression and people are addicted to drugs and alcohol which shows bad effects on
personal life and professional carrier of employees because they give only temporary relief. Stress
can be controlled by taking charge on your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions and the way you deal with
problems. Some stress coping strategies include various stress management programs, planned
physical activities in job design, counseling programs and finding triggers and stressors. A well
managed stress makes a person more productive

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