Impact of Violence against Women on the Workplace


  • Ram Kumar Garg Swami Devi Dyal College of Nursing, Barwala
  • Prabha Garg M.M.U Mullana


Violence, women, workplace, perpetrator, abuse


This paper focuses on the experiences of women in their homes, and the repercussions this has on
the workplace. Perpetrator violence cannot be strictly viewed as an ethical concern, but one that
has financial consequences for corporations. Violence against women is pervasive in our society
and is known by many names, including domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and family
violence. Society at large tends to compartmentalize violence against women as a private issue;
but violence against women impacts all aspects of a woman's life, including her workplace.
Companies need to take action towards the elimination of violence against women and provide
programming for both victims as well as abusers. This paper provides an overview of the research
that has been conducted on the consequences that violence against women has on a workplace,
and it focuses on the financial impact that perpetrators of violence have on a company.

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