Empowerment of Women in Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy


  • Kuldeep Barman


Empowerment, Awareness, Education, Vakrama, Nagas, Equality


"That I don't believe any more. I believe that first and foremost, I am an individual, just as much you
are."Henrik Ibsen (The Doll's House)
Amish Tripathi is the well- known novelist in the contemporary era, who represents the historical
and mythical world with today's burning issues. In the Shiva trilogy, Amish has current issues and
concerns, woman empowerment is one of them. This paper represents the idea of empowered
women, who struggle between tradition and society to establish their own identity by being
independent and also present an image of aware and strong women who seek self-discover, self-respect and are self-centered. The paper describes women right and her thinking and a new
realization of her place to and position in society. This paper presents the modern Indian
womanhood who rebels, and seeks for own self, struggling to strike a balance between society and
self. The present paper seeks to delineate women empowerment and growing awareness of the
issues concerning the woman and their case, it can also be seen as the reformation and re-creation
of the identity of the woman in our society

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