Feminism in Literature: Male Versus Female Writers


  • Manvi Singh University of Delhi.


Patriarchy, Injustice, Recognition, Feminism


In spite of its entire blooming prosperity, every criterion and all the paradigms adopted for equality,
our new global scenario still persists and posits with a split into two bigger and wider halves
merely on the basis of gender. The verbally honored and loved fair sex is cursed to survive as a
secondary citizen over all the geographical and political boundaries demarked on cosmopolitan
level. Whatever achievements regarding their rights are highlighted with exaggeration, are
because woman herself harvested courage, talent and ability to express. From the time of Geoffrey
Chaucer to the contemporary era, women have been the prominent figure of every genre of each
language of the globe, but, with the arrival of female writers, the women folk have got the true
mirror to reflect their pains, pleasures and joys. The paper will explore micro scoping the question
of 'justice' specifically as it unfolds the deep mental agonies of women as represented by both male
and female writers - taking on board The Color Purple (1982) and Clarissa (1748)

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