Sexual Harassment at Work Place


  • Simarjeet Singh M.M.U., Mullana.
  • Shipra Gupta M.M.U. Mullana.
  • Priya Setia M.M.U., Mullana


Harassment, Sex Discrimination , Verbal and Physical conduct


The meaning of Sexual Harassment at Work Place, sexual harassment are typically related with
women at the work place as well as in other Professional or Social fields. There is always sex
discrimination between male and female at work places and other processionals or social fields
invoking the making of unwanted Sexual Harassment unwelcomed advanced requests for sexual
favour and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature. For the prevention of Sexual
Harassment, Anti Harassment Policies are there which explains what Harassment is tell, all
employee that Harassment will not tolrated and set out employers and employee should respond to
to incident of Harassment? Anti harassment policy should also set forth detailed mechanism by
which employee can make complaints when Sexual Harassment occur? There are some other Acts
also for the Prevantions of Sexual Harassment at work place, like Sexual Harassment of women at
work place (prevantion, prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013. This is a legislataive act in India seeks
to protect women from Sexual Harassment at their work places.
This research paper critically evaluates the Sexual Harassment at work place. This is specilly
relates with Harassment of women and Sex Discrimination at work places s well as in professional
and social situation

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