Patriarchal Domination on Women in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things


  • Kummari Krushna Prasad RGUKT IIT Basar Basar Telangana


Patriarchal, Class Hostility, Police organization, class misuse, taboos


The theme I have decided for my paper is about the patriarchal domination on women in Arundhati
Roy's novel the God of Small Things. This novel bagged a prestigious Booker Prize in 1997. I am
basically concentrating in transit how Arundhati Roy has apropos and delightfully depicted class
hostility and class misuse and strength of police organization and the issue of adoration laws.
Ranga Rao marks The God of Small Things as "one of our protest novels, radical and subversive and
attacks several cows. In its taboo- breaking too, it goes farther than what has been attempted

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