Representation of Social Problems with Special Reference to Charles Dickens' Novels


  • Ramandeep Mahal Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar
  • Sapna Sharma Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar


Victorian Society, classes, social, nineteenth century


England had been in a bad condition during the nineteenth century. Many writers wanted to bring
social changes in England and they did this by writing. The Industrial Revolution brought drastic
changes in the nineteenth century. This paper endeavours to concentrate on the subjective
representations of the conditions of Britain, and underline Charles Dickens' contribution to the
progressions and changes that occurred in that era. Henceforth, the term social change has come
into utilization to allude to the social developments. The present study is also an endeavour to
manage the class division in British society amid the Victorian time frame handling his works as a
contextual investigation. It further demonstrates the distinctions and the imbalances between the
three social classes which existed in that period, the upper, the center and the lower classes.
Additionally, it means to show that all his works depict the truth of social shamefulness in Britain
amid the Victorian period. The study examination will be done by looking at the substances of the
Victorian period with the substances that Dickens portrayed in his works. Poverty remains a major
theme in his works. It has remained a serious issue in the Victorian society during the nineteenth

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