Challenges Pertaining To Sustainable Development Of India


  • Amal Sarkar Jiwaji University, Gawalior


Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, Water And Energy Conservation, Climate Change, Indc


Today India is witnessing multi-dimensional environmental challenges. Every year, due to
environmental degradation, the country faces various health challenges and high water stress.
The environmental degradation in India is due to rapid growth of population, poverty, urbanization
and industrialization. The article presents sustainable development in the light of India. The past
growth stories of the country like the green revolution were environmentally unsustainable and
had created many disparities. Due to these disparities between various sectors, and urban and
rural areas, there is a need of sustainable economic development with environmental
regeneration. In this light, the significance of sustainable development becomes paramount. The
article presents an analysis of the major environmental issues of the country like water pollution
and water stress of the nation, air pollution, over exploitation of natural resources, inefficient
energy use, unsustainable agriculture and climate change by studying various books, research
papers and websites. The article also reflects India's efforts towards sustainable development.
India's efforts include monitoring of pollution, schemes for sustainable development in various
fields and INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) reductions. Finally the article
suggests that further efforts are required by applying new methods for sustainable development in
the nation

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