An Erroneous Path of Primary Education


  • Dr. Milind Bansode Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


Education System, Teacher Eligibility Test (TET


Historically, Teacher has been perceived as a person with the capability of determining aspirations
of each individual and shaping lives of future generations. Moreover, teaching profession has been
able to receive honour, appreciation and attract aspirants persistently. In case of primary education
this aspiration is witnessed exhausting in recent years where significant proportion of seats in
educational institutions started remaining vacant; superadded by rising number of unemployed
teaching professionals in states like Maharashtra objecting their capacities. Techer Eligibility Test
(TET) has been introduced with the object of improving standards education and assuring
educational eligibility and quality of Teachers. Though TET has been started merely as an
eligibility test assuring quality of teachers and teaching facilities, its nexus with commercialised
growth of educational institutions need to be analysed and questioned. It is in this context present
paper attempts to review various contextual realities around TET by illustrating example of
Maharashtra TET 2015, its results and further implications on education

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