Status of women with Disabilities: A Study


  • Ramesh Singisala Kakatiya University, Telangana (State)


Female, Gender inequality, the status of women, Women with Disabilities, Discrimination, Gender Equality, and Male dominated society


The idea of female status is complex not only because gender inequality is multidimensional, but
also because it occurs in more than one social "location." Gender inequality can vary across the
units of social organization in which the sexes interact, such as the household, the neighborhood,
the community, or the voluntary association. Just as women's power, prestige or wealth may be
weakly intercorrelated, so, too, their power or prestige in the household may be weakly related to
their power or prestige in the community. This suggests that it may make sense to talk about "the"
status of women only if a particular type of social unit is specified. Another side in the society the
women with disabilities it is very challenging and their life survival is very problematic. There are
many engraving of problems and provocations faced by women with disabilities in literature, but
mainly from the developed world. Even in the developed countries, where the women's
gesticulation and the disability movement have been in action for more than 50 years, women with
disabilities tended to be under-represented in decision-making whereabouts. Because of the
barriers countenance, women with disabilities in the developed countries decided to organize by
one safeguard their own interests, by starting groups specifically for themselves. Although there is
a world-wide trend towards women with disabilities emerging from their separation to establish
their own self help groups and rights groups, the situation in developing countries remains quite
There is less research on issues facing women with disabilities in developing countries, even
though the majority of women with disabilities live in these countries. In the available literature on
women with disabilities in developing countries, it is frequently stated that these women
countenance a triple handicap and discrimination due to their disability, gender and developing
world status. Gender equality is an issue for a large majority of women, given the socio-cultural
course of action and traditional attitudes of society. Therefore, many of the issues that are
countenance by women in general in a male dominated society, such as limited access to
education and employment, the problems arising from traditional cultural practices that tend to
seclude women from public life, and so on, also have a collision on women with disabilities.
Although disability leads to inequality and marginalization of both men and women, disabled
people are not a homogenous group. This paper discusses some of these unique disadvantages of
disabled women and suggests possible plan of action to overcome these disadvantages in a
community based rehabilitation setting

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