Perception of Students of Bachelor of Vocation in (B.Voc) Media Production and Prospective of Employers on Employability Skills


  • Sagar bhalerao University of Mumbai, India
  • Amrin moger University of Mumbai
  • P.J. Mathew Martin Orebro, Sweden


Employability, Skill, employers, Vocational Training, Media Production


According to a FICCI-KPMG (KPMG, 2014) report on media and entertainment industry, the TV
content production industry in India is estimated to be `20-26 billion in size. However it is
extremely fragmented with 6,000 producers in the fray and most producers producing only one or
two shows at a time. Hence there is great need for manpower development in this sector.
Manpower development activity is essential for any productive national development. Manpower
development, in terms of specific skills to meet the demand in society leads to growth of a society.
According to a report of UNESCO (UNESCO, Reaching the marginalized: Education for All Global
Monitoring Report 2010), a growing number of countries in the world have achieved the goal of
universal primary education and others are moving closer to this goal and building a pipeline of
young people who expect to pursue further quality education and training to improve their skills by
means of that chances for employment and higher earnings. Countries with higher and better
levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of world of work. There
are several studies and literature available on skill development and its effects in the society.
However there are very few studies on the manpower development specific to media production
skills and various perceptions of stakeholders. This research paper aims to evaluate the perception
of employers, as wells employees towards employability skills required for entry level media
production graduates in media industries. A survey targeting both employers (n=40) and
employees (n=40) were undertaken, to gather the data with reference to the perspectives of both
using a research tool developed for study. The study demonstrated significant difference between
the perception of students and their employers regarding the skills acquired and the skills required
in the industry of media production. The study also depicted various perspectives of employees and
employers at various levels of media production

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