Issues and Challenges of Food Security Programme in Rural Areas: A Case Study


  • Anju Rani Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat, Haryana


Food Security, Public Distribution System, Issues and Challenges, Rural Sonepat


Public Distribution System for grain is one of the main pillars of food security programme of
Government of India with the objective of delivering grain to targeted beneficiaries at highly
subsidized prices, so that they have economic access to basic staple for a healthy life. The Public
Distribution System which is main vehicle for delivering of grain put a heavy cost for channelizing it
to warehouse to beneficiaries then it became essential that system work efficiently, however there
have been several grievances about the system. Some of these complaints are associated to the
policy issues like population coverage, commodity coverage, extent of subsidy, etc. and many
others are associated to implementation issues like non- accessibility of commodities,
underweight, fake cards, inferior quality, etc. So objective of the study is to analyses awareness,
sufficiency, and issues and challenged of Public Distribution System in rural Sonepat. The analysis
is done through tabular explanation using frequency and percentage and association among
various variable is measurement chi-square test in present study.

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