The 'Confessional' Kamala Das: Treatment of Love, Marriage and Relationship


  • Ms. Malakshmi Borthakur Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi


Love, marriage, relationship, Kamla Das


Kamala Das who is considered as a confessional poet like Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, was
original in her thoughts with a distinctive poetic personality of her own. Her poetry has a largely
autobiographical content in it. Even though, all autobiographical poems cannot be labeled as
'confessional', Das' poems are 'confessional' in essence because here she has barely revealed her
'self': most of her poems have been written on the subject of her marriage, her dissatisfaction with
her husband, her insatiable thirst for the carnal pleasure as the pinnacle of love and more strikingly
her endless extra-marital relationships. Honesty and frankness are the qualities that her poetry
begets from her personal life and thereby making it endeared to the readers as well as critics. This
paper examines and throws light on the confessional voice of Kamala Das' which can be
reverberated from her treatment of love, marriage and relationship in her works

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