Ecocriticism: A Study of Environmental Issues in Literature


  • Sandip Kumar Mishra KIIT University, Odisha


Environment, Literature, Nature, Ecocriticism


During the last few decades, Environment has posed a great threat to human society as well as the
mother earth. The extensive misuse of natural resources has left us at the brink of ditch. The
rainforests are cut down, the fossil fuel is fast decreasing, the cycle of season is at disorder,
ecological disaster is frequent now round the globe and our environment is at margin. Under these
circumstances, there arose a new theory of reading nature writing during the last decade of the
previous century called Ecocriticism. It is a worldwide emergent movement which came into
existence as a reaction to man's anthropocentric attitude of dominating nature. The present paper
seeks to explore the ecocritical perspectives as envisaged in some select world literature as well as
Indian writing in English. This environmentally oriented study of literature brings about an
ecological literacy among the readers who in the process become ecoconscious, thereby taking
good care of Mother Nature. Environmental concern being one of the major concerns of the day,
Ecocriticism has undergone rapid development during its short tenure since introduction. It is
interpretive tool of analyzing nature writing which is commonly associated with Environmental
criticism, Animal studies, Green Cultural Studies, Ecosophy, Deep Ecology, Ecofeminism,
Ecospiritualism and the like

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