Human Relationships


  • Suman Sharma Punjabi university, Patiala


human relationships, types, healthy & unhealthy relationships, degradation, importanc


Human Relationships are the backbone of every society. Relationships are very important for
growth and development of any individual. There are many relations in one's life like family
relationships, casual, professional, friendship & marriage relationships. Psychologists also believe
that a few good relationships in one's life are necessary for the physical, psychological, emotional
and mental well being. Some characters of healthy relationships are feeling of mutual love,
understanding, security & freedom. On the other hand unhealthy relations are full of jealousy,
insecurity, selfishness & negativity. As compared to the older times relationships now a days are on
lowest priority with extreme declination. Everyone is so much busy in other things that they forgot
about to live, feel and value relationships .Primarily individual itself are responsible for the
degradation in relationships. Secondly is due to the impact of modernisation, social media, lack of
communication & moral values. So to solve this problem everybody has to aware about needs,
aspirations and desires of people associated with them .The condition of relationships will improve
by nurtured them with some care, affection, respect & effort .It will make our relations strong &
long lived which results into a peaceful & harmonious life

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