A Short Content Analysis Study on Representation of Disability in the Newspaper Dailies in Mumbai


  • Mr. Sagar Bhalerao, University of Mumbai, Vikhroli (east), Mumbai-83, India.
  • Amrin Moger University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Poothullil Mathew Martin University of Mumbai, Bandra West, Reclamation, Mumbai-50, India


Content analysis, Disability, Language, Communication, Print media


Exposure to Mass Media can help in gaining knowledge and change in attitudes which will
indirectly help in gaining freedom at all fronts (N.Guleria 2012). Mass media aims at improving the
quality of life of those who are under developed and marginalized, thus contributing to
empowerment. According to the world report of United Nations (2012) on Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) framework, the poorest and most discriminated against on the basis of gender, age,
disability, and ethnicity or otherwise has often been the most disadvantaged. Persons with
disability are part of the society. However marginalization of person with disability in regional
newspaper dailies can cause a greater gender bias and discrimination through the newspaper
reports in this digital age of communication. According to world report on Disability by United
Nations (UN-2011) there were More than 1 billion persons in the world have some form of disability.
This corresponds to about 15% of the world's population. Regional newspaper daily plays a vital
role in dissemination of information in the local community. Disability related information gets
marginalized in newspaper reports thus creating discrimination in society in this age of digital
Globalization. Hence, a short content analysis study was undertaken to demonstrate disparity in
regional newspaper daily reports on disability related issues. According to mass media scholar
Denis McQuail (1989), content analysis of media is a traditional mass communication research
method used to assess a wide range of media content trends. A research tool was developed for the
purpose of study and same was used for gathering of the data for a period of three months . The
analysis of data depicted significant variations in the language and formats of disability related
news which indicated social segregation and marginalization. Communication in e-Asia poses
challenges even in this age of information and communication technology for persons who are

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