Comparison of Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents Having Different Levels of Resilience


  • Dr. Divya Pande RDVV, Jabalpur
  • Dr Urmila Yadav L.B.S. B.Ed. College Patan Bypass, Jabalpur


Adolescents, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience.


In the present scenario, in India, great emphasis is being laid on creating
cooperative classrooms, focusing on the positive development of the
adolescents, their strengths and connecting with them, forming a secure
relationship in school. In this respect, the two important aspects i.e. emotions
and resilience of the adolescents play an important role in achieving success in
today's competitive and stressful environment. Resilience can be learnt,
measured, and have lasting effects on academic performance. According to
Bonnie Benard, the development of a caring, trusting, respectful, reciprocal
relationship is the key to reducing risks, enhancing protection and promoting
positive youth development in any system. The development of any nation
relies on providing successful training and direction to utilize the strengths of
adolescents. The present paper deals with the exploration of the interaction
between emotional intelligence and resilience of adolescents studying in
selected Kendriya Vidyalayas. The paper further explores if there is any
difference with respect to gender and resilience, gender and emotional

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