A Study of Metacognition among Senior Secondary School Students


  • Neha Tiwana Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra
  • Sushil Kumar Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Metacognition, Senior Secondary Students


Metacognition refers to higher order thinking which makes a person have
control over the cognitive aspects of learning. The title of the study itself
reveals the purpose of the study however the metacognition among senior
secondary students is also studied in relation to different demographic
variables such as Gender, Stream and Locality. Simple Random sampling
method was used to obtain the sample. The sample comprised of 60 students of
XII standard studying Science in Senior Secondary C.B.S.E. affiliated schools.
In view of the present study, descriptive study approach was used. Meta
Cognition Inventory (MCI) developed by PunitaGovil was used to collect the
data from 60 students drawn from two schools of Kurukshetra District of
Haryana. Tool was administered on group basis.The obtained data was
analyzed using statistical techniques like mean, standard deviation and t-test.The findings of the study indicate that the senior secondary school
students do not differ significantly in metacognition with respect to gender,
stream and locality.

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