Streotyping of Women in Media


  • Parul Malhotra JIMS, Rohini-3, Delhi-110085


Women, Portrayal, Media, Society


Mass media reflects behavior, attitude and life styles of society. They are the
cultural forces which do not simply reflect but also shape the social attitude and
behavior. But their portrayal of women has raised many eyebrows and posed
many questions. A woman is the creator, a messenger of God, an example of
tolerance, integrity and benevolence. She was, and shall always be an
embodiment of love and compassion. But her depiction in media is vulgar,
unacceptable and is questionable. Commoditisation of women is insistently
portrayed in media. The women in Indian media are shown generally as
meticulous, religiously intolerant, social, ethnically ultra-modern and longing
only for their own family. Serials often depict women involved in scheming,
illicit affairs, wearing costly and heavy jewelry, spending time in family
disputes, lavish parties, beautifully decorated houses, elegant make up, little
care about anything else than the personal matters and not even a single word
about outside world. It has been observed that in few advertisements women
have been portrayed as a product and are show in an undignified manner.
There are few such advertisements that show woman's body in an obscene
way. It should be noted here that advertisements reach a broader section of
society and have a great impact on the people. Therefore it becomes important
for the media especially the advertisers and the programme producers to be
aware of the effects of this undignified portrayal of women in media.
Hence this study throws light on the negative projection of women in media, its
effects on society and possible recommendations to bring the change in the
media content

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