Attitude of School Teachers Towards Inclusive Education


  • Anurag Sharma S.D.P.G. College, Ghaziabad


Attitude, Inclusive education


Inclusive education brings diverse learners under one roof regardless of their
strength or weakness in any area to enhance learning with a purpose to
maximise the strength of all the learners. The need of present era is provide
knowledge and skills without any discrimination among the students. To meet
this challenging job to accommodate students with increasingly diverse
background and abilities with other learners, there is a need to involve the
teachers, parents and community members. However, teachers' role in
inclusive education is crucial as an immediate executioner and they establish a
relationship between educational ends and means. Teachers for inclusion
need to bear a positive orientation, flexibility, capacity for innovation and
ability for adequate application. The present paper is an small effort to
understand the attitude of school teachers (male & female) regarding inclusive
education. The study involved the descriptive survey method. A sample of 80
teachers was randomly selected from six schools. The data was collected
through Teacher Aptitude Scale towards Inclusive Education. The data
collected was analysed by calculating mean and using t-test. The findings of
the research paper revealed no significant difference in the attitude of teachers
of different level of school (primary and secondary) and type of school (private
and government)

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