ICT : An Agent of Happiness in Education


  • Manoj K. Saxena Central University of Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala (HP) India
  • Dhara Hans Central University of Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala (HP) India


Happiness, Education and ICT


ICT is a powerful source which provides a huge amount of information within
small fraction of time. The role and impact of technology has completely
changed our outlook towards the way of life.Happiness is the feeling of
enjoyment which gives you a sense of satisfaction it leads you towards ecstasy
and tranquillity. Education is important domain in the index of GNH. Education
has the power to create a sound mind in a sound body so that he is able to enjoy
the supreme truth, goodness and beauty in which perfect happiness lies. A
Paradigm shift has been observed with the arrival of technology. Proper
integration of ICT enhances the teaching-learning process.ICT in education
has introduced us to explosion of information. Teaching-Learning process is
not limited in the boundaries of four walls but now it has surpassed the limits. It
has broadens the scope of teaching which can bring satisfaction in the
teaching-learning process. The present paper discusses about how integration
of ICT can bring change as well as bring happiness in the process of teaching

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