Resilience and Schooling: A Case Study of a Residential School


  • Divya Pande Rani DurgavatiVishwaVidyalaya, Jabalpur
  • Urmila Yadav College Patan Bypass, Jabalpur


Building blocks, JNV, Life skills, Resilience


In the present day world, there are some students both at school and college
level who despite having poor socio economic status, are facing poverty, and
are in the transition period of the developmental stages and many other such
conditions which create stress in life, are able to adapt to the negative
situations and cope up with adversities keeping an optimistic outlook while
many students under similar situations develop feelings of depression,
anxiety, absenteeism and hopelessness. This paper is an attempt to develop an
understanding regarding the role resilience plays in the life of students. It
further discusses about the ways resilience can be fostered in students and
how developing resilience benefits them. A residential school has been taken
into account to study how it is promoting resilience.

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