Views of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on Caste Rights


  • Kunal Kumar Ray Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be) University Mullana (Ambala)


Untouchability, political, society, people


The most adequate way to provide justice is to do so without any
contemplation and that's what a man like Ambedkar lived for. So long and far,
this country has lived with a very formidable definition of discrimination and
equality. Be it, women's rights, LGBT rights or Caste based discrimination.
Sidelining and subsiding is built in the DNA of mankind. People are used to
dominate the weak, but the weak is just a social notion slammed on people by
society bashing their ego and respect. When Ambedkar drafted the detailed
constitution of India, it changed everything, drawing all the curtains of past evil
subsiding and inequality. He didn't just raise questions on impartiality but on
adequate representation of people all together in general. Abolishment of
untouchability was done necessary and right. He took stances on feministic
equality, as did Gandhi. Their ideas were broad and comprehensive. They
were accepting of people. More than revolts of a certain dimension of a class or
race or gender of people. They fought for universal equality and inclusivity. Dr.
Ambedkar firmly believed that Political Democracy cannot succeed without
social and economic democracy. For him, political democracy is not an end in
itself, but the most powerful means to achieve the social and economic ideals in
the society. His legacy as a Socio-Political reformer had a deep effect on the
post independent India. The provided is enough the reason to tell that Dr. Bhim
Rao Ambedkar had a very progressive approach to many things and was an
owner of an extremely open mind. He is remembered as a prolific leader of a

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