A Study on Misconception of Using Brackets in Arithmetic Expression


  • Kaushik Das Gobardanga Hindu College, Parganas


Arithmetic and Algebra, Arithmetic Expressions, Misconception of Using Brackets, School-Mathematics, Use of Bracket


The present study focused on the lack of knowledge of the double use of
brackets in arithmetic expressions and the difficulty in the operatively of
expression for mathematics application at the school level. Learning the other
rules and formulas of mathematics involves learning the use of a bracket.
Binding is useful in both arithmetic and algebra if the bracket is not used
properly, the value of the mathematical result is completely changed. The
concept of this bracket is inserted into the students while learning school-based mathematics. So at the beginning of the bracket learning process,
school-based textbooks, curriculum and teachers are of great importance. The
methodology of the proposed study is based on document-based analysis. This
study employed including studying international and national journals, library
consultation, expert opinion, online journals, periodical, newspapers and
documents. Finally, the researcher suggested the importance, precaution, and
effectiveness of using brackets in arithmetic.

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