A Conceptual Study on Corporate Social Responsibility With Reference To RIL


  • Vandana Bansal Ramgarhia College Phagwara, Punjab
  • Rajwinder Kaur IKGPTU, Kapurthala, Punjab


Corporate Social Responsibility, Business, RIL, Benefits


In an era of liberalization, globalization and privatization, consumers have
become more and more versatile about the business practices of various
organizations. As a result, the consumer remains equipped with the ability to
use their parameters and ethical compass in determining which businesses
they seek to patronize. The phenomenon of the empowered consumer is
affecting organizational procedures and business practices from the top down.
One significant demand for a more globalized economy comes in the form of
corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR refers to the activity of industries
addressing social and environmental issues in the vicinity despite their profit-making motive. Some segments of the industries looked beyond profits and
started doing something good for the cause of the society. Now it is mandatory
for those industries whose net profit is Rs. 5 crore or turnover is Rs. 1000 crore
or net worth of Rs. 500 crore to spend 2% of its profit according to industries Act
because of which all the companies are spending on CSR projects. This paper
focuses on the benefits of CSR and specifically emphasizes about the CSR
activities being carried out by Reliance Industry limited (RIL)

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