Phenomenon of Post-Postmodern: Designs of Domination of the Dominant


  • Dr. Sharanpal Singh Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) Mullana (Ambala)


: Imperialistic, hegemonistic, egalitarian, coevalness, interrelative, inter- subjective, relativism, eurocentric, binaries, episteme, diachrony, synchronicity, contrapuntal poststructural, flux, polyphony, heuristic, homogeneity, ubiquitous, pragmatics, consentient, parole, langue, cognition, immanence, praxis, paralogy


Present paper entitled "Phenomenon of Post-Postmodern: Designs of
Domination of the Dominant" grapples with the contemporary problematics of
the Gramscian hegemonistic neocolonial in the Habermasian public sphere,
where Saidian intellectual disseminates the cultural and the imperialistic to
offer 'secondary resistance' to the Eurocentric Self to vouchsafe for the
emancipation of the Other in the mode of the socialistic and the egalitarian to
supplant the adversarial for the contrapuntal. The need of the hour is for
Gramscian Organic Intellectual to promulgate Habermasian Communicative
Action for weeding out the monologic to plant the pluralistic and the
Bakhtinian dialogic in an attempt to efface or at least shrink the yawning gap
between the Self and the Other, the privileged and the marginalized: a
laudable endeavour, indeed



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